Weave Dryer® Universal & Unbreakable Thermo Hair Blow Dryer Nozzle Attachment


The Weave Dryer® is the 1st universal and unbreakable thermo hair blow dryer nozzle attachment for extensions, braids, twists, locks, and natural hair styles. 

Weave Dryer ® universal & unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle is a top of the line, hair styling device that will change the way you blow dry your natural hair and hair extensions. It was designed to provide air flow into confined hair, with help from your blow dryer, to distribute hot air evenly and effortlessly into your natural hair at the roots on your scalp. Gone are the days of sitting under the dryer for several hours or loosing your natural curl pattern with the diffuser. When it comes to the perfect blow dryer attachment for natural hair and hair extensions this is it. Weave Dryer’s® universal & unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle will make your life easier, and can even turn you into a stylist from the comfort of your own home. Our unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle design attaches to most conventional hair dryers with a 4cm-5cm barrel. Please measure your blow dryer barrel before ordering. Click the ADD TO CART button NOW and say goodbye to long hours under the dryer waiting for your braid foundation to dry. Eliminate your natural curl frizziness in no time!

  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION - Designed to ensure a snug fit with your blow dryer, our unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle ensures even heat flow for smooth kinky, curly hair textures without harm. This even heat distribution equates to added volume and body for your hair.
  • ELIMINATES FRIZZINESS - Designed with sleekness, shine, and frizz control in mind, our unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle dissipates water molecules quickly, which helps eliminate frizz. It also has a soft and strong air flow distribution design to minimize hair damage.
  • PREVENTS BACTERIAL GROWTH - Weave Dryer’s® universal & unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle regulates and distributes heat quickly and evenly. This quick and unhindered transfer of heat helps prevent bacteria growth by allowing hot air to dry the scalp quickly.\
  • EASE OF USE - Weave Dryer’s® universal & unbreakable thermo blow dry nozzle was designed with ease of use in mind. All you need to do is loosen the band, remove the adjustable rings and fit them to the nozzle, and insert the dryer barrel with adjustable ring unto the nozzle and tighten.  Fits most blow dryers with a 4cm to 5cm barrel.  
An additional band is provided for smaller sized barreled blow dryers.  The bands provided contain slits for tension flexibility. 
They are not cracked. See pictures below.

Keep your hair healthy all the way to its roots with the Weave Dryer®!

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