Our Story

A Texas based company founded in 2016, by Michalyn D. Porter, PhD, a passionate Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Inventor.  Aleryn Incorporated is the proprietor of the Weave Dryer®.  The companies’ mission to is to provide the beauty industry with the most advanced American technology.



“I began Aleryn Incorporated on a mission and invented the Weave Dryer® from my dream. Combining the companies’ mission and my dream together, our company will provide the beauty industry with a method to dry extensions, braids, twists, and natural hair styles in a way that's healthy, safe, and fast.  Therefore, the companies’ vision is “To design innovative hair tools that keep you beautiful."


Dr. Michalyn D. Porter, Chief Executive Officer




For many years, Michalyn Porter, PhD, the inventor of the Weave Dryer®, utilized the hair weave tracking method to integrate human hair into her natural hair.  She used this weaving method to provide volume, length, and to change her hair texture or to add a desired color.  This process provided a way to enhance her appearance for long or short periods of time without altering her natural hair.   While her hair was beautiful, she personally found it hard to provide regular maintenance to her natural hair that was a part of the hair weave tracking method.  As a result, she experienced hair loss from bacterial growth because she could not access her natural hair that was confined to dry it properly.  She also experienced a sour hair smell that resonated from her hair which resulted from her hair not drying properly after maintenance. 

Steve Harvey's Funderdome

Dr. Michalyn Porter was on ABC's Steve Harvey's Funderdome on Sunday, August 6, 2017